Nftfy - NFT Securitizer

Securitization for DeFi

Bring collective ownership and instant liquidity to your NFTs


Securitize an NFT

Issue Shares fully backed by your NFT. Stake the ERC721 to get ERC20 Tokens.

Trade Its Shares

Share the ownership of an NFT with friends or unknown parties.

Discover Its Price

List your Shares and let the Open Market price them.

Launch an SDO

Make Public Offerings and ensure liquidity for investors.

Decentralized Autonomous Trust

The smart contract guarantees the backing of the Shares and all the rights of the participants.

Securitize your NFTs and get ERC20 compliant Shares.

Nftfy makes it easy to securitize any ERC721 Token. Once the contract is created, it cannot be modified, and the only way to extract the NFT is by complying with the rules

Securitize now

Launch Your Own Security Dex Offering

Build a liquidity market for your Shares and make it public. Perform an Initial Offering using Balancer's Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs). Trade Shares instantly!

Comming soon!

Explore the DeFi Ecosystem with your new Tokens

Expand your NTF horizons and enjoy even more the DeFi Ecosystem you love. Loans, Derivatives, Insurance, you name it!

Comming soon!